Becky Keene – The Fantastic Ring

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Becky Keene is a bright, outgoing and intelligent twelve-year-old who has an elder sister she deplores and a kid brother she puts up with. Becky Keene is also brave... or so her Mom and Dad keep telling her. But is she brave enough to face what lies in store for her?

A camping trip in the woods and an unexpected find leads Becky on an adventure that will test her will, strength and bravery to the breaking point. Will she find the backing she needs from her best friend Elina, or will she find comfort in the easy-going seventh-grader, Jaden? Can she trust anyone to believe her or will they think she's crazy?

This is not a tale for the feint of hart, for Becky is faced with a horrific supernatural enemy that is aiming to destroy her completely.