Crystal’s Tale

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A horrible nightmare...

a strange visitor floating in her bedroom...

a pinch of dust that can change where doorways lead to...

Griselda claims to be a fairy godmother, but something is very wring, because she looks nothing like one! Her wings are too noisy, her skin is a horrible green, her fingernails are clawed and she smiles showing ugly buck teeth... But who is she? And what does she do?

Before she knows it, Crystal has been kidnapped and forced into a war between fairy godmothers. She find herself in a magical world, riding monstrous cats who jump over rooftops, being forced to take part in evil plots against her will and having to speak out in the Ministry of Fairies for ultimate justice. But will she ever escape? Will she ever see her parents again?

Crystal's tale is a thrilling ride through a magical world where the true magic of friendship, adventure, bravery, courage and the will to never ever give up can finally decide whether Crystal will eventually find her way back home...


Auryn Miryashi was born in Sri Lanka. He graduated from Coventry University, UK and University of Limerick, Ireland and has worked both in Sri Lanka and Ireland. Auryn has written song lyrics, poetry and children's fiction and was first published when he was sixteen. he currently lives in Ireland