Najma the Astronaut

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Dimensions19.5 × 19.5 cm


Full Colour, Illustrated


Farah Fazly





Prepare yourself for a cosmic journey with little Najma, who dreams of being an astronaut, and an astrophysist...astrophysicist…? Wow! That is a big word! Too big for a little girl to pronounce!

Maybe, she should just stick to more down-to-earth things like homework and going to bed early. At least, that is what her family and teacher think she should do.

But would she? Najma has other plans, she would much rather reach for the stars... literally.

Come along for Najma’s enchanting, lyrical quest as she proves that a little girl’s starry-eyed aspirations are limited only by her imagination. Buckle in for a delightful, discovery-filled journey that shows dreams can lift us far beyond what anyone thinks possible.