The Legend of the Warriors – The Lost God

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Farah Fazly





Leo Blade is your average twelve-year-old; except that he and his little sister, Aura, are orphans, although the nasty maid at his boarding school told him his parents abandened them as they didn’t love him or his sister.

Leo and his sibling are lucky enough to be adopted by Mr. Havelock, a super-wealthy property mogul in New York City. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Except that Mr. Havelock’s heart is as cold and as hard as the money he cherishes, and the only apparent reason for the adoption was purely for show.

Now all this, the children could live with, except for the troubling dreams – or nightmares – that Leo was plagued with... dreams of monsters and other nightmarish creatures that he has to do battle with.

Little does Leo know that he and his group of friends – Tom and Maddie – would be plunged into a world that is straight out of one of Leo’s dreams!

This is a tale of magic and mystery; a thrilling tale of ancient gods and supernatural creatures, bloodlines and clans that are steeped in a legend that Leo and his friends share a destiny. The Legend of the Warriors...