To the End of the Rainbow and beyond

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Tales of magic and tales of adventure... these are the stories of young Aranya Tennakoon.

With a flair for weaving imaginative and descriptive tales, Aranya takes you on four fun-filled magical journeys – from helping Santa find a lost present to being lost in the Yala forests, from magic travelling globes to amazing worlds beyond the end of the rainbow.

Imaginative and engaging, Aranya’s stories are a wonderful collection for any young reader’s bookshelf.

Aranya is a gentle, observant child with a kind and generous heart. A lover of little things that surround her world. She is mischievous and witty among her loved ones, and her little stories bring out her true personality of hers. Aranya loves Art, Music, and Sports and is an animal lover. Perhaps the very clues of her future aspirations. Ever since her first reading lessons, books have kept her busy. With her newfound skill of writing, there is a whole lot more expressing herself. These stories capture her imagination, fantasies and the challenges she likes to explore in her mind. After a couple of her stories were published in the newspapers, the possibility of publishing a collection of little stories was explored. Which led to her first publication, “To the End of the Rainbow and Beyond” at the age of ten.