Wine or Curry for Breakfast – A Language Teacher’s Diary

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A teacher’s life is certainly never a dull one. Every single day is different and brings with it rewards and challenges. Some people believe that schools are all the same, like banks, but they are in fact as different as family relationships can be. Some are totally dysfunctional, and some are very stable and nurturing. Follow a teacher’s journey from a struggling state school in the northeast of England to an international school for the privileged in Sri Lanka.

Some say that life can change drastically in a week, let alone within the space of four years.

From a school with knife detectors on entry, to a school with security guards so friendly that imposters would be welcomed like Prince William and Kate on a world tour. From silent and efficient public transport to elaborately decorated musical buses. From supermarkets equipped with highly irritating self-service machines, to supermarkets that would be more fitting in a post-apocalyptic era. From a bodybuilding macho husband to a Zen Buddhist rock star life partner.

Not forgetting the best, the bizarre, and now irreversible change from wine to curry for breakfast.