Roots & Rivers

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"I don't want you to dwell on these unconscionable acts of violence. I want you to embrace the luxurious beauty that you are. The amazing grace of your darkness."

There is a common thread, a universality that holds us all together. Like the roots of trees clinging together beneath the soil. On the surface we see trees that seem separate, growing in a variety of trajectories reaching for the warm rays of the sun. But under the surface roots become intertwined, woven together in an indestructible web. A web that holds strong when typhoons and tsunamis hit the surface. A root bond, that keeps us believing in the human spirit. The vibrance of the soul and the strength of our being.

This herstory is about root strength and bonds that transcend time and space. On the surface, life is a series of banality. The tangible and the visible are within the confines of the accepted norm; whether mainstream or alternative. Life’s expected banalities fall within these psycho-spiritual platitudes. Like the branches of a tree is expected to grow toward the sun. A tree is expected to bloom and give fruit; it is expected to nourish, to cleanse the air, it is expected to provide us shelter and give of itself in a multitude of self-sacrificing ways within the confines of its soil.

However, below ground, root stories reach toward the darkness. Into shadow and shade spaces wherein we discover understanding by confronting our discomfort. Our soul journey begins in the richness of this soil.