Sailed I On Life

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This is a fascinating record of the lives of a remarkable couple. Herein is the story of a life of challenges, travails, perseverance, disappointments, surprises, and ultimate successes. The journey of a theatrical virtuoso and his actress wife, around much of the world, while studying its people and recording impressions through interpretations on the stage.

A clarion cry of alarm that the legitimate stage is under threat of oblivion in our world of emerging technological wonders, and a backstage view of many of his productions, from 'Golu Birinda' to 'Madhyawediyekuge Asipatha' to the English translation of 'Sinhabahu' that propelled the Sri Lankan theatre into the 21st century.

You cannot help laughing, crying, sympathising, and marvelling at the successes, torments, and victories recorded here. Filled with warmth, humour, and love, Namel Weeramuni's willingness to open his heart to the reader, for the first time, in his own voice, will delight and inspire readers everywhere.