Scars that Speak

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Disara grew up quite used to being alone, being by herself, an introvert; but quite content in her solitude. During her formative years she had no talents to boast of. She considered herself a good-for-nothing, an idiot. Her friends were quite competent at schoolwork whereas she could not even write her letters nicely.

But Disara was content. She was loved by her parents and spoiled by her grandparents. Life was good and made up for her apparent shortfalls.

But school was not always the best place for such a child. Disara’s path was set to collide with situations that were harsh and unforgiving; some that no child should have to go through.

This is a story of scars; scars that life maims you with, but it is also a story of fortitude and redemption; inspiring and encouraging to those she shares it with.