Sri Lankan Politicians: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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L S C Silva narrates the important social events that occurred in Sri Lanka from the year 1952 up to the November 2019 presidential election. the information collected are from what Silva himsefl recalls and observes from past experiences and memory, backed by news stories that he has read in the print and electronic media since about the year 1960.

L S C Silva doesn't hold back the punches in this informative and critical view of Sri Lankan politicians; helping the reader make a critical evaluation of political activities in the country since 1952.

Despite the many allegations of corruption levied against these so-called guardians of the country, no one has been found guilty, much less hed accountable, for their actions. The best judges of political corruption in a democratic country are the voters.

Lest we forget, L S C Silva reminds us of our past in this comprehensive record of Sri Lanka's political history. For, in any country, whether democratic or otherwise, the people have the power to bring about change. As Silva asks, 'Would not you like to rescue Sri Lanka from the abyss of corruption that it has fallen into?'