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Nominated for the State Literary Award

The war is nothing but cruel. With the conditions worsening overnight, newly married Noora is compelled to leave her husband for her own safety. Does the future hold any hope for her in war-torn Syria? Or is every sacrifice and attempt at hope futile? The story of Noora is one of faith and perseverance within one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.

"'Refuge' is an unrelenting page-turner which drags you unwillingly through the labyrinth of horrors endured by ordinary Syrian people every day... there is no hiding place for them or the reader." -- Yvonne Ridley, British Journalist and Author.


"Gripping and emotional. A poignant reminder that bolts of lightning light up the darkest of skies even during the most vicious of thunderstorms." -- Maseeha Saloojee, South African Aid Worker, teaching in Syria.


"Syria has been a part of my life since the war started in 2011 and there are few works (if any!) that have captured the essence and details in words of the struggling Syrian people the way 'Refuge' has. Sajla Anees has wonderfully presented the human sie that is largely overlooked in a war zone." -- Bilal Abdul Kareem, American journalist based in Syria.