A Tale Renewed

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"Bhathiya’s poetry very sensitively captures his unique experience as a soldier in a distant military outpost in Sri Lanka. His poetry brings out the anti-thesis of war and existence in a background of romantic perceptions about the duality of life.

His poems reveal his own awareness of the peace and harmony of nature against a backdrop of war. He is indeed a sensitive, perceptive and a talented poet who is a new voice in Sri Lankan poetry.
His poetry is essential for both a Sri Lankan and global audience since it is very descriptive and captures the dichotomy of life in a context of war and violence. He is truly a talented poet whose contribution to Sri Lankan literature and culture is indeed a noteworthy experience.

His poetry is very Keatsian, but living in a background of violence and war. His poetry sensitively reveals the inner voice and personal experiences of a young soldier in a country coming to terms with the demands of life and existence. This book of poetry is also inspired by nature, romance and his experiences outside Sri Lanka. I wish him the very best in all his literary and poetic endeavours." -- Mr. T. Arasanayagam