Shimmering Scraps of Poetry and Madness

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This is a collection of poems and essays that range from the sublime to the ridiculous; from soaring on the wings of ecstacy to struggling with overwhelming despair; from the capricious joys of matrimony to the changeful delights of singledom; from the profound ecstasy in a mug of steaming latte to the ardent disappointment in a less than perfectly brewed cup of tea; from the comedic to the somber and from the customary to the controversial, this collection of poems and features encompasses them all.

The book is divided into five sections: Joy, Foot-in-the-Mouth, Truth, Hope and Serenity. The Truth and Foot-in-the-Mouth categories are especially brazen and raw. As with most such uninhibited writing, the objective is to assail the sensibilities and, even if just for a while, to look the truth right in its jaundiced eye. The other three sections are largely whimsical and uplifting very much like walking through a zen corridor, which I’m hoping, will also soften the sensory assault of the former two segments.

Warning: This book might just become your next page-bound best friend or the truth-teller you have a love-hate relationship with. Let the sensory pathway from your retina to your heart decide.

Mahvash considers herself somewhat of a “serial corporate rut absconder”. Only because a sabbatical that was to last a year, has turned to seven, and she still sees no end in sight to the freedom. Before that, Mahvash worked in the Financial Services Industry, and was considered somewhat of a specialist process and experience “fixer upper”. Mahvash has previously published a book of short stories and two books in a children’s series. When she’s not writing, she’s fussing in her head, over ideologies of social justice and equality, with superhero twists! She also spends a fair amount of her time watching and reading science fiction and the superbly diverse literature that is constantly emerging from the greater subcontinent. Mahvash spends her time between Karachi, Dubai and Colombo. Visit her at: