You and Your Mental Health

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'Mental illness is incurable', 'Neighbours can cause mental illness via charms and shamanic rituals', 'Heavy drinking is only a bad habit and not a treatable disorder', 'The woman who is not a virgin is a wasted person', 'Sex for women is only for procreation'. These myths prevalent in society not only propagate ignorance with regard to mental health and prevent seeking treatment, but they also cause mental illness and contribute to unnecessary suffering.

There is a real need for a readable book that presents mental health issues in an easy-to-comprehend manner. There are a few books available regarding mental disorders but none of them attempt to examine the cultural beliefs on which the myth rests. 'You and Your Mental Health' discusses key concerns and myths related to mental health prevalent in current society in the first section. In the second section it delves into common metal illnesses. The language used is without technical jargon and easy to understand. This book will answer many of the questions people have about metal health issues.