A Few Scenes from a Missed Train

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"Well anyway, I'm just tired of this business of sharing the body. Don't you think it's unnatural to share one's body with another person?"

"I understand your difficulties. But Thelma, we are the ones who decide what is natural or unnatural, aren't we?"

"Don't talk nonsense. Can't you see this has complicated our lives? Whether I eat, drink, or take a shower, I can't make a decision as myself. I start thinking how it would affect Shriwa. I feel i might hurt Shriwa even in some small way. I feel this whole generous gesture will be pointless if I hurt her like that. I don't know whether Shriwa also feels the same. Ultimately, it is neither Shriwa or I that is in this body. It's just two uneasy people, artificially polite to each other thinking that something one says or does will hurt the oter. It's so absurd. It's more wrteched than worrying whether the war will take away one's ife at any moment."