The Whinging Pome: On The Road Again

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The Whinging Pome is back on the road with his often brusk Britishness, humour and whinges. Accompanying him is his slightly eccentric, shopaholic wife "Jezzabel", whose outlook and influence can be extremely diverting, sometimes jeopardizing the Pome's well laid out plans, and landing them in fresh adventures.

This is a collection of 53 short stories, that reveals the Whinging Pome's personal experiences and encounters across 17 countries, from Japan to Uruguay, to France and India. the somewhat irrational confrontations with incomprehensible people along the way has led to the creation of Whinging Pome's Random Rules, 230 (and counting) witty one-liners and opinionated interpretations on life, travel and people.

This follow-up to the Pome;'s first publication, "The Whinging Pome: To the Point", this latest book is about having fun, travelling, and encounters with memorable people and places along the way.


Paul Topping was born in Zambia to missionary parents during the end of the colonial era. He has worked and lived across numerous countries and continents including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. With over 35 years in the travel retail industry, he was the recipient of the industries' prestigious 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in Cannes in 2015. He is a lauded public speaker, a failed sailor and musician. Known as "The Wine Man of Sri Lanka" he has spent about twenty years developing the wine industry in Sri Lanka and is a part owner of a winery in Bangalore. he designed, built and runs the unique 'Glasshouse in Victoria', central Sri Lanka. His articles on travel and life under 'The Whinging Pome' persona have been published over the last two decades. His acclaimed first book, 'The Whinging Pome: To The Point', published by Parker Publishing in late 2017 is a collection of short stories, finest whinges, humour and colourful observation. His collection of over two hundred 'Random Rules of The Whinging Pome' were highlighted in his first book and have continued ever since. He has lived in Colombo for twenty years and has adopted Sri Lanka as his home with his wife Shirani (Jezzabel in the stories). Over the years in Sri Lanka, he has been active building a village for tsunami victims and running a campaign to reduce child abuse in the country.


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