Civilian Bravery In Sri Lanka: 1993 – 2019

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The concept of 'Civilian Bravery' encompasses the timely performance of courageous acts for the safety of life, limb and property of others, by persons normally performing them outside the scope of their employment. Thus the concept would naturally exclude from within its scope, for instance, the heroic acts of the personnel of the armed forces performed in the course of their official duty; such acts are usually recognised and the doers rewarded by the State of by the institution they serve.

The urge for the performance of a civilian act of bravery does not spring from any responsibility or obligation mandated or implied by law, but from the inner refinements of the heart of the doer of that act, like Love and Compassion." -- Hon. Ranjit N.M. Dheeraratne, Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka