The Art of War

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The Art of War inspired Mao Zedong’s writings about Guerrilla warfare. Ho Chi Minh translated The Art of War for his generals to study. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is a widely acclaimed book on military strategy that has influenced and shaped the idea of Western and Eastern nations’ military philosophy. It presents complete instructions on how to win battles and manage conflicts. The theories proposed in The Art of War are extremely beneficial on the battlefield and have been tried and tested by many successful military generals worldwide. It is difficult to ascertain exactly when was this book written and many historians have ascribed it to different times. The Art of War has established its significance not just as a valuable book for military strategies but also gives lessons in diplomacy and public administration and planning. It stresses the need for healthy and friendly relations with other nations. In the context of changing world politics and rising interest in foreign policy affairs, The Art of War is a valuable read to understand what goes behind shaping the strategies and policies of our neighbouring nations. This book is an ideal read if you are looking out for some inspiration to win over daily battles in your life. This book will be of special interest to people who want to read philosophy, the amazing quotes about life, winning battles and how to tide over daily struggles then it’s a must-read for you.