Lilies in the Meadow

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A collection of poetry that blossoms through the storytelling of real-life occurrences, igniting fantasy in reality, evoking memories so we can
value, cherish and treasure moments gone by. These verses are spun in appreciation of life, love, hardship and the battles of daily life. These words
intended to encourage and uplift, to drive a passion towards building a positive mindset as we battle through life, appreciating the good and harnessing simplicity.

Vanessa is a passionate young author, speaker, and mentor, devoted to making the world a better place, filling it with love, encouragement and positive energy. We don’t walk this world alone and everyone needs a person to rely on, a recipient without judgment who wishes to tell a story of their own or maybe listen to the story of another.

Her heart lies in simplicity in life and storytelling, appreciating experiences and challenges. Her focus is battling on with a smile on her face, helping those in need, and encouraging and motivating those around her to “keep going” along this journey of life, achieving the best for themselves.