The Demon Within

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After losing an unfair duel for the throne, the demon Prince, Darius the Ferocious, escapes to the human world as a disembodied soul. In his search for a vessel that can contain him, destiny brings him to a five-year-old girl, overflowing with spiritual powers. The girl, unaware of the fact that the strange entity was a demon, agreed to provide him shelter in her vast psyche and promises to build him a new body.

For thirteen years Maya works on her promise with dedication, even though she is aware that the task would cost her life. Her ambition of helping her friend does not waver even in the presence of her beloved brother Auden.

Things take a dramatical turn when a new and extremely handsome transfer student shows up at school and take a particular interest in Maya. With Darius' new body complete, he realises that Maya has become too precious for him to lose. When Maya decides to jump off the school building to her death to allow Darius to break out of the psychic prison he is in, the sheer power of the demon's desire to save her frees him from the psychic dimension and bring him to the human world.

After defeating the attack of the Demon assassin that was under the guise of the new transfer student Vance Hart, Darius escapes with Maya, to which Auden bears witness.

As the demon Prince embarks on the journey of his revenge and redemption with Maya by his side, Auden reluctantly joins forces with Vance Hart or ‘Vanvalear the Serpent’ to find and rescue his sister.


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